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Slip Casting

Slip Casting is a technique for production of Pottery especially for shapes not easy to make on the Potters Wheel.slip-casting-image-1-0

A liquid clay slip is poured into the plaster cast mould and allowed to form a layer to the cast, which is on the inside cavity of the mould.The slip is left to mature depending on room temperature and size of mould.

Once the plaster mould has absorbed most of the liquid from the outside layer of clay the remaining slip is tipped out,which can be used later..The mould is left to dry, again this depends on room temperature and size of mould

The item is then removed from the mould any add ons such as heads in this photo are attached on with slip it is then left to dry.

The item is then fettled (cleaned down) with cleaning tools and files, any detail put back in. This piece is called GreenWare and is still soft to touch. It is then kiln fired to harden it, when this is done the piece is referred to as Bisque.

This is a Traditional Ceramic Studio,where decorative objects are slip cast from moulds cleaned and painted and fired through a series of stages taking place over slip-casting-image-2-0>many days or weeks all under one roof. You can get to participate in this creative part of the production or you can just come and relax with a coffee and be creative in painting them.